Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dash of Literature

Hey guys,

I'm starting a new goal/challenge for myself. A short story a day for 365 days in a row. But I need YOUR help.

I'm looking for photographs to write about, and I'm looking for others to find the photos for me as opposed to me searching for something I want to write about. It's more of a challenge when I don't know what is going to be sent to me, and then I have to come up with a story about it.

So, if you want to check out my new blog, A Dash of Literature, feel free to comment on any mistakes or whatever you want on each story. To submit photos, please email me here.

I look forward to entries and finishing this goal.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to January.

How does one forget that they have a blog? Believe me, it was unconsciously done.

It's the middle of my winter break. I don't have to go back to school until the fifteenth of January, and I couldn't be more happy to be home. I like being able to go to work and make some money so I can buy my books and supplies that I need for next semester.

Next semester, I am taking five classes: Photo, Advanced Fiction, Comp and Lit, Intro to Sociology, and American Lit. I am most excited for Comp and Lit, because I have the same teacher I had this past semester. He was my absolute favorite teacher. Why? Because he could relate anything we were learning to something we would understand. He would mention Harry Potter at least once a class, and, to my great amusement, Jane Austen was also frequently mentioned.

Speaking of Jane Austen, I've been obsessing over her novels more and more. Although I have only been able to get through Pride and Prejudice completely, I am in the process of reading Sense and Sensibility at the moment. Is it sad that I am pulled more toward the Willoughby character than I am the Colonel Brandon or Mr. Ferrars characters? I was not one for Wickham in Pride and Prejudice, but perhaps it is different in Sense and Sensibility.

No matter, I still have my own writing to do, and I am happy to do it in my leather-bound notebooks with the gold on the edge of the pages. Not only do I have these fancy notebooks, but I am writing this novel completely in ink. With a calligraphy pen. I suppose my love of Jane Austen has taken it's toll on my own writing as well...

That's all I can think of for now. I might post again tomorrow, with a list of goals I wish to achieve during the year 2012. However, I have to make the list first!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

I love college.

So, it's been a while. First thing I want to say to you guys is hello my lovelies! I've missed you. I really have.

It's been almost two months since I've gotten in school. It's getting so much better. I've made amazing friends, and it's just a lot of fun. I fit in for the first time in my life into the "popular" kids, and it's great.

I've actually joined a few clubs. On occasion, I volunteer for some events that are going around on campus. Like tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I'm giving tours to counselors and getting $10 cash. It's exciting.

I am very involved in the paranormal club in the school, which is awesome. I went to Salem, Mass recently with the group and got a bunch of protective stones and I am getting way more into my religion, which you guys may not know that I am a Wiccan.

I am loving it here. We have so many different activities and events going on here. It's just too much fun for a school with only one hundred and eighty something kids. I just love it here.

So, that's it for today. We're in the middle of watching Easy A and I kind of want to watch it more than I have been... Yep, so I'll talk to you eventually!


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Okay, so I've been at school since Monday afternoon. And you know what? I'm actually having a lot of fun. I mean, sure I miss home, but I think that this is the best thing for me.

I miss my cats, and the dogs, of course. How could I not miss my cuddly animals? I just don't want to bear seeing them when they realize that it will be a while before I come back home. I'm sure that they're going to be sitting in front of my bedroom door, waiting for me to come out. But, you know what? I'll be home in almost three months, so they can see me then... I just hope they don't eat me...

My school is great, though. I've made a bunch of new friends. A few of us had an epic game of Monopoly going last night, but we kind of gave up after three hours, due to the fact it was nearing midnight and we had nine-am classes.

My Art History teacher is so chill, too. He took off his shoes, and taught us an ancient Greek greeting dance. It's going to be an awesome semester. That's all I have to say.

I'm so excited for tomorrow. A professional group of parnormal experts are going to come to the school and give a seminar. They're also going to lead an investigation of the Photo Barn/Douglass Hall, the most haunted building on campus. I'm going to be front and center of this seminar and I can't wait to get investigating the paranormal. Or, in other words, I'm going to be a Ghost Hunter! XD

So, I can't believe I am saying this, but I love school. I don't mind waking up before seven-thirty. It's a different experience, and I love it.


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey everyone,

I know it's been a while, but there are some big changes going on around here. When I say big changes, I mean it literally.

A week from tomorrow, I'm going off to school. It's strange to think about, being on my own for the first time, but I'm kind of excited. In fact, I've been busy shopping for my dorm room almost every day after work, working almost thirty five hours a week, and packing everything away. It's almost surreal at this point.

One week? Yeah, that's really it. It's crazy.

But, I have had time to myself. Today, while on StumbleUpon, I saw a fact that really amazed me. I don't have the link (I was stupid and hit stumble before deciding to put it in here) so I'll just type it out. It does have something to do with writing, but I'm not very pleased about it.

"A researcher at California State University calculated that non-fiction writers live an average of 68 years, longer than their cohorts who write poems, plays, and fiction works."

It just stood out to me, and I hope it's not true. I want to live longer than that...

That's it for now, I'll blog more when I'm at school, telling you about my days.


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Okay, well...

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on in a bit, summer has just been hectic. Not only am I working full-time for the first time in my two and a half years of working in this same office, but I only have Tuesdays and Fridays off... I have a total of seven days off for the month of August (well, before the 24th at least...)

On August 26th, I leave the only home I have known for school in New Hampshire. Move-in day is going to be pretty crazy, since I have to be on the road by six in the morning to get there at nine, the time that check-in is expected.

The biggest thing on my mind right now is Potter. I guess it's because it is the birthday of the Boy Who Lived, as well as the wonderful woman who created the world I wish to be a part of, Ms. Jo Rowling.

I was hoping to be a  part of Pottermore by now, however I woke up at six this morning and registration had closed by five. I was extremely disappointed. Not only am I going to stay up all night so I can be a part of this wonderful new world, but I have work in the morning. I will not be sleeping at all. I will be genuinely disappointed if I cannot register tonight.

Seriously, I may cry.

I saw the movie on the fifteenth, the midnight premiere that my town was putting on. I was in full costume, of course, my third Harry Potter premiere in costume. I was surprised by how well the movie was shown, but I was disappointed when it came to the fate of the Elder Wand. I'm not going into details, only true fans would know what should have happened.

Okay, so I will be posting more often, I promise this time!

For now, that's all.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm ALIVE!!!

Okay, so I know that I have been MIA for a month and a half, BUT I HAVE REASONS!

If you read my last blog, you may have seen that I was down to the final month and a half of school, and that things were getting a little stressful for me (not sure if I actually mentioned that last part, but yeah, you get the idea...).

Now, school is over, and I am a high school graduate! FINALLY! I don't have to wake up at six am to get to school by seven thirty... I don't have to go to that dreaded school anymore to do what the teachers tell me I have to do because it is the law... I don't have to deal with some specific people anymore (which I will explain a little bit later)... oh this is the good life now!

So I'm pretty sure I passed all my classes, considering I graduated. It feels good to be out. I can start writing more often, and I may be able to finish at least half of what I wanted to finish before I head off to New Hampshire in the fall. :)

As for the people that I don't want to deal with anymore, it is specifically towards one girl. This girl has been irritating me for the entire year because she thinks that she is better than me at everything, including writing. She pushes me out of my circle of friends and fights with me over the littlest things, all because she doesn't think that my OPINIONS are correct. Like at all. She will tell me that my opinions are one hundred percent false and that I am wrong. Yeah, since when is an opinion wrong?
Thankfully, she's going to school a good couple hours away from me, so I won't have to deal with her ever again. I finally get to leave all the drama behind.

I've been talking to a few of my classmates for next year and I found this girl who I am pretty sure is going to be one of my best friends. She reminds me of my current best friend, in the sense that she has a feather obsession, like myself, and that she is also a huge Harry Potter fan. I think her and I will get along just fine :)

Well, that's all that matters to me right now... I guess that now that I have time to turn my computer on (which I swear I haven't done in a month...) I will blog more, and tweet more, and even write more.