Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Goals!

Okay, so I've been slacking a bit lately. School has been crazy with all the snow we've had, and the new semester has started. Before I mention any of my goals, I'm going to mention one thing.

This Friday, the fourth, is my eighteenth birthday. I'm so excited! My status as the biggest Harry Potter nerd around will be confirmed. I can't wait!

Now I should probably mention my goals.
My awesome epic writer bestie, Kaitlin, just recently finished her first novel. She sent it to me a couple weeks ago to edit, and I just haven't really had the focus to get through it. On Microsoft Word, with the "Track Changes" option open, it is five hundred and eighty five pages. This is where my first goal comes in. I don't want to let her down at all. So here's what I am going to do:

1) I will edit ONE HUNDRED PAGES a day. I know this sounds ridiculous, but my deadline is the sixth. I have one week to do about five hundred pages. I KNOW I can do this.

2) Even if she wants this or not, I am going to write a lengthy critique. What I liked and didn't like about her book, some suggestions to add more flavor, and some other little comments. So far, what I've read is amazing. Awkward, but amazing.

That's really it that I can think of with goals that deal with Kaitlin's book. I have one week to complete edits/reading. I know I can do this, for her.

Now for my own personal goals:

1) Once I'm done editing Kaitlin's book, I want to write at least ten pages a day for my own book. I've been working on mine for a couple years now and all I have is seven chapters that have no particular order. I have the prologue, chapter four, seven, twenty five, and thirty. I have nothing in between. (I am just guessing on the chapter numbers. But that's just what it seems to be right now...)

2) Once I have fifty, yes fifty!, pages done of my book, I am going to print it out, and start revising. I'm not going to wait to edit it all at once, because that would just take way too long. I am going to edit fifty pages at a time to make the workload a bit lighter. I may even ask others to edit at this point as well.

That's it for my most recent goals. If there are any changes of my own goals, I will update. HOWEVER! My goals for Kaitlin's book are NOT going to change. I will do this so I do not let her down.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The World of Austen

The power of obvious disdain could be misleading. If one can feel such disdain for another, and they are not averse to letting it be known, the reciepient of this hatred could be hurt. However, if this obvious disdain is not such at all, and it is love, what does this mean for the person who is not averse to letting their [false] emotions show?

I wish my life was a novel. There is a certain novel that I am referring to in my above statements, and that is what I wish my life could be like. If one could only learn to love and accept those around, all would be right with the world.

I, unfortunately, have been unable to finish the novel, due to lack of time, and I wonder if the movie is anything like the words that Jane Austen put on paper so many years ago. Once I get past the halfway mark, where I am now, I will know if I wish to be one of those beloved Bennett sisters.

If my life cannot be like that of which Ms. Austen wrote, I wish to create one, similar to one where true love is masked by disdain, or where love at first sight is the most wonderful feeling (and someone does something about such a meeting!). I question if it would be possible to achieve such high standards. Only time will tell.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Super Awesome Day!

The snow seems to have taken over the area around us overnight. My car seemed to be twice as big as it really is, and let me tell you, my car resembles a small boat. As my family and I were shoveling our driveways and making a snowman, the town plow truck pulled into our driveway and plowed the end of the driveway for us. Thank you strange plow man! We even saw a truck (and it was a pretty big truck!) driving slowly past our house. I was questioning why the driver was in the middle of the road and driving so slow until he passed us. There was a rope attached to the back of the truck and a saucer-sled attached to said rope. There was a man being pulled along behind the truck. You'd expect the guy to be in his teens, or even twenties. However, he looked to be about fourty. Sadly, my parents looked to us and said, "Don't even think about it."

And now for the real reason I am posting today.

On my twitter two days ago I said that I was going to post my new goals in life yesterday. However, I wasn't home long enough to do just that until 9 o'clock, but I kind of passed out and went to bed before I even gave this post a second thought. I was reminded of this post when I got a post on my facebook wall asking about this post. So I decided to write it today.

Well, first things first I have a new goal in life. It's kind of lame, I know, but it's something I wish I would be able to do. I would like to meet JK Rowling, shake her hand, and thank her for being my inspiration. I thought about this just the other day, and I thought, "wouldn't it be cool to meet the person who inspired you to be who you are today?"

My other goal is, of course, to finish my book and get it published. That is my biggest goal in life at the moment.

I just got an email from an admissions counselor at Chester. She just wanted to check up on me and see if everything is going well. Unfortunately they are still missing a couple things, but they should be getting the last of it soon... I hope...

That's all that's important to me right now, so I guess I'll sign off for now.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The End of the World

Okay, so I've been watching this awesome Vlogger on YouTube for a while now, and he has changed me. Phillip Defranco, also known as sxephil or PhillyD first brought up the mention of Vampire Robot Nazi's who are also Zombies. This is how the world is going to end. It does not matter the year, whether it be May 21, 2011 or December 21, 2012, or even hundreds of years in the future. This is how it is going to end as is the word of Phil.

"Vampire Robot Nazis who are also Zombies will attack. The obvious way to stop this attack would be Chuck Norris, but unfortunately he too is a Vampire robot Nazi who is also a zombie.

In the struggle to save the world, dolphins with laserbeams on their heads will team up with Flying Raptor Jesus to defeat Chuck Norris and the Vampire Robot Nazis who are also zombies. The battle with be close, but in the end we will lose and everyone will die. The end.
Everyone knows the only thing that can defeat a vampire robot nazi that is also a zombie AND Chuck Norris is flying Raptor Jesus. And I dont mean to be a cynic or anything but I dont think Flying raptor jesus is going to come to our aid"
I am currently trying to find the video that has this story, but I have been unsuccessful so far.
Phillip Defranco, I hope you know, you made me see the world in a whole new light.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Okay, so I called Chester again after school today. The woman I talked to yesterday transferred me over to the woman who called me two weeks ago. So I got to talk to somebody who could tell me more about what I needed to complete the application process.
Once my SAT Score is sent in, and my second Letter of Recommendation gets in, they will be calling me to set up an interview.
Luckily, the woman I talked to gave me some more insight to the process and told me not to freak out. Even more lucky for me, the woman was a fellow Harry Potter nerd. We discussed the newest movie, my tattoo, and even how Harry Potter was my inspiration to write. She made me laugh when she said I have inspired her to get her own Harry Potter tattoo.

I finally got to talk to an admissions counselor at my top choice school. *Crosses fingers* I hope I get in...

Monday, January 3, 2011


Okay, so I've decided to focus the next three days on one thing. Writing. I don't care what I have to give up, but I have to write as much as I can. I need to finish this book soon. I was talking to a friend today, and I decided that I, as a writer, and her, as a future screenplay writer, will team up. When I finish my book, I will give her one of the first, edited, manuscripts and she will then proceed to create a screenplay. One day, I will be a best selling author, and she will make my novels into movies.

So, after school today, I went to pick something up for my parents, then came straight home. I ran up to my room and pulled out my phone. I then proceeded to call Chester College of New England, the school of my dreams. They called me about two weeks ago, and unsure of whether or not anybody would be there over the holidays, I did not get back to them until today. It's not like I was pushing it back, but I was just nervous as to if someone would be there to answer my call. I hate leaving messages on any phone.
The woman on the other line told me that one of their counselors called me, and that she was in a meeting. "She'll be out in five minutes, so I'll have her call you back when she gets out."

That was at 3:08 this afternoon. Let's just say, I'm still waiting to hear back...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

This is probably gonna get pretty long, so sit tight and try to stay with me.

In 2010, I saw heartbreak, disappointment, and just a bad overall time. There are a few things that happened this past year that ruined me. But, it all started looking up right around Samhain (Halloween for those of you don't understand).
I opened 2010 with happiness and hope. Not knowing what to expect in the coming year. I was hopeful that I would be happy and would find a way to keep the happiness that was surrounding my life. Within days of ringing in the year with my parents and someone I really cared about, for the first time being home for the ball dropping in Times Square. A few days later, my life was turned upside down with heartbreak and disappointment.
Things weren't that great for me at all. Four different occasions of heartbreak, although two did not know they did anything. And one occasion of pure sadness for the year is when my best friend (well, wifey ;D ) left our little town in Connecticut to move to Illinois. (I was really happy that I got to see her over the winter break though!)

Now, for some resolutions. I never really come up with any, I think of them pointless and when I don't succeed, I feel like I failed myself... But this year, I decided to write some. Maybe this year I won't disappoint myself.

#1: Do not go back to my "old self." I don't really feel like explaining this, but some of my friends understand this.
#2: Finish Senior year with good grades. I haven't done so well in the past, so I hope to bring the rest of this year around.
#3: Finish my first novel. I've been working on it for two-ish years now, and it's about time that I get something done.
#4: Lose weight. Eat heatlhier. Gain some self-esteem. These all go together, because they all have to do with how, right now, I don't like how I look.
#5: Do NOT eat out of sadness. This is what got me to where I am now. It doesn't work.
#6: Find love. Bonus points if it lasts through the end of the year. (Double bonus points if it goes on until 2012)
#7: Go to Orlando, FL. with my "twin" sister.

I know those resolutions are lame, especially the last one, but that's what I hope to do in 2011.

The only thing I can look to is the future right now, and I hope it will look bright. With graduation in six months and sixteen days (June 17th), and college just a couple months after that, I have to look to the future and be who I want to be. Maybe this year will be the brightest time in my life.

My only regret is not having someone who was very important to me here with me to see me grow into an adult.