Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here's a poem for you. I'm gonna tell you the truth about this poem. I was bored, and I was in a chat room. They wanted to read some of my writing, so I came up with this on the spot. It took me about less than two minutes to write, and they loved it.

Let's see what you think about it. Feel free to give some *constructive* criticism.

The best things in life
are not always free.
Treasure and freedom,
the hapiness
we try to achieve.
The only thing
that doesn't cost a thing
is the feeling
of real love.
You never realize
when it shows itself.
The way your heart
flutters like a hummingbird.
The way your eyes
shine like a full moon.
Your smile glistens
as if made of diamonds.
Love does not
cost a dime.
The feeling of love
is priceless.



  1. I love it :) One thing - it should be "our heart" not "hour heart"
    And helpful hint (hopefully) - try adding keywords. That way, people that are searching those keywords may come across your blog :)

  2. Actually, it would have been "your" stupid keyboard messed me up. lol. considering the "H" is right underneath the "Y" lol