Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well then...

Okay, so I just noticed I haven't posted in a while... I have reason for this!

Well, this whole month has been really hectic and with school coming to a close and me going off to college in August, I have a lot of things to do.

Actually, scratch that.

Truth is, I just haven't been on my computer. Seriously. I have work and I've been writing again, and I've gotten hooked on the Sims Medieval. So, yeah, I haven't been online much.

I think that once school is over and I actually have things to talk about, I will be posting again. Regularly. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see for that, won't we?



  1. I was thinking of getting Sims Medieval as I loved Sims 3 but I know I'd NEVER get any writing/editing done if I did so lol.

    Is it worth it though? Looks like an awesome game! And if you make your Sims your characters from your book - - it totally counts as writing, right? lol <3

    Where are you going to college? And congrats on graduation!

    Awesome blog, btw!


  2. The Sims Medieval is worth it. It's actually a game with a motive. Like you actually have something to do. It's not like The Sims 3 at all, because you have things to do. The first Medieval EP is supposed to be coming out soon, too!

    I'm heading up to college in New Hampshire, a small fine arts school in the middle of nowhere. Chester.

    Thanks for thinking I have a good blog... I never really thought much of it, because I have so little followers... but it's something to do when I have time.