Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chocolate and Paper

Take a bar of your favorite chocolate. I prefer working with the Hershey's bars, you know the easily breakable ones? Yeah. Break it up into pieces.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper, or a notebook.

Get ready for the instructions:

Smell the chocolate. Feel the pattern of the chocolate piece. When you are satisfied, put the small piece of chocolate on your tongue. DO NOT CHEW THE CHOCOLATE! Let the chocolate slowly melt on your tongue. Taste it.

As the chocolate melts, write whatever comes to mind. Whether you make a list, or a story, write anything that comes to mind. It could be about dragons, death, birth, whatever. Just write it.

Once the first piece of chocolate is gone, take another.

When the entire chocolate bar is gone, stop writing.

If you made a list, develop it into a story. If you wrote a story, wait a few days then continue it.

I learned this when I went to Accepted Students Day at my college. It's a surrealism exercise. I find that chocolate helps with my writing. I am going to have a bar of chocolate every time that I write. It might help me get over the writers block.

Another exercise that we did was a "coin flip" exercise. Find a random word, if there is a website that will give you a random word, great! Take that word and start your story with it. Keep writing. When you feel as though your story is coming to a close, get another random word. This second word is the word that is the last word of the story. I had two words that I had never heard of in my life before... hopefully this doesn't happen to you.

Try it. Maybe it will help you, too!


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