Sunday, April 10, 2011


When I look back to my writing that I had done in first grade, it makes me smile.
The assignment: write a two page story about anything.

I didn't listen to my teacher. At all.

Twenty seven pages later, I had a story about a horse that turned into a Pegasus, which was entered into a race and won by flying across the finish line. Literally.

I feel like this was the start of my writing, but I can't be sure. Ever since, I've been scribbling short phrases and even just a single word on the corners of my music folders, my classwork, and I have thirteen notebooks with excerpts of my writing.

Yeah, well, I think my career is going to have something to do with writing...

I went up to the school of my dreams yesterday, Chester College, for accepted students day. When we split off into majors, twelve other girls and one guy stood up and joined me into the Creative Writing group. I know that this is my future, and I can't wait to go there on August 26th.

Oh, and the inspiration to the story/novel I am writing is an idea that my best friend, Kaitlin, came up with. I believe that as a fellow writer, she is the one who helps me write.

And that is my history...



  1. My first story was about a witch living on the moon. Don't think I topped out on the 27 pages but it was a good read I'm sure ;)
    Like the page but might want to make the font a touch bigger for the older folks who will be visiting!