Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Okay, so I called Chester again after school today. The woman I talked to yesterday transferred me over to the woman who called me two weeks ago. So I got to talk to somebody who could tell me more about what I needed to complete the application process.
Once my SAT Score is sent in, and my second Letter of Recommendation gets in, they will be calling me to set up an interview.
Luckily, the woman I talked to gave me some more insight to the process and told me not to freak out. Even more lucky for me, the woman was a fellow Harry Potter nerd. We discussed the newest movie, my tattoo, and even how Harry Potter was my inspiration to write. She made me laugh when she said I have inspired her to get her own Harry Potter tattoo.

I finally got to talk to an admissions counselor at my top choice school. *Crosses fingers* I hope I get in...

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  1. i thought Chester didn't require SAT scores? but YAAAAY FOR YOU.