Thursday, January 20, 2011

The World of Austen

The power of obvious disdain could be misleading. If one can feel such disdain for another, and they are not averse to letting it be known, the reciepient of this hatred could be hurt. However, if this obvious disdain is not such at all, and it is love, what does this mean for the person who is not averse to letting their [false] emotions show?

I wish my life was a novel. There is a certain novel that I am referring to in my above statements, and that is what I wish my life could be like. If one could only learn to love and accept those around, all would be right with the world.

I, unfortunately, have been unable to finish the novel, due to lack of time, and I wonder if the movie is anything like the words that Jane Austen put on paper so many years ago. Once I get past the halfway mark, where I am now, I will know if I wish to be one of those beloved Bennett sisters.

If my life cannot be like that of which Ms. Austen wrote, I wish to create one, similar to one where true love is masked by disdain, or where love at first sight is the most wonderful feeling (and someone does something about such a meeting!). I question if it would be possible to achieve such high standards. Only time will tell.


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