Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflecting on 2010

This is probably gonna get pretty long, so sit tight and try to stay with me.

In 2010, I saw heartbreak, disappointment, and just a bad overall time. There are a few things that happened this past year that ruined me. But, it all started looking up right around Samhain (Halloween for those of you don't understand).
I opened 2010 with happiness and hope. Not knowing what to expect in the coming year. I was hopeful that I would be happy and would find a way to keep the happiness that was surrounding my life. Within days of ringing in the year with my parents and someone I really cared about, for the first time being home for the ball dropping in Times Square. A few days later, my life was turned upside down with heartbreak and disappointment.
Things weren't that great for me at all. Four different occasions of heartbreak, although two did not know they did anything. And one occasion of pure sadness for the year is when my best friend (well, wifey ;D ) left our little town in Connecticut to move to Illinois. (I was really happy that I got to see her over the winter break though!)

Now, for some resolutions. I never really come up with any, I think of them pointless and when I don't succeed, I feel like I failed myself... But this year, I decided to write some. Maybe this year I won't disappoint myself.

#1: Do not go back to my "old self." I don't really feel like explaining this, but some of my friends understand this.
#2: Finish Senior year with good grades. I haven't done so well in the past, so I hope to bring the rest of this year around.
#3: Finish my first novel. I've been working on it for two-ish years now, and it's about time that I get something done.
#4: Lose weight. Eat heatlhier. Gain some self-esteem. These all go together, because they all have to do with how, right now, I don't like how I look.
#5: Do NOT eat out of sadness. This is what got me to where I am now. It doesn't work.
#6: Find love. Bonus points if it lasts through the end of the year. (Double bonus points if it goes on until 2012)
#7: Go to Orlando, FL. with my "twin" sister.

I know those resolutions are lame, especially the last one, but that's what I hope to do in 2011.

The only thing I can look to is the future right now, and I hope it will look bright. With graduation in six months and sixteen days (June 17th), and college just a couple months after that, I have to look to the future and be who I want to be. Maybe this year will be the brightest time in my life.

My only regret is not having someone who was very important to me here with me to see me grow into an adult.


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  1. Suddenly I feel like I don't know as much about you as I thought :-/ We should talk, oui?
    And aw! I'm sorry my moving made you so sad. But six-ish months until I see you again?! Unless you hijack with Allison for spring break :P
    And, the eating from sadness thing?! OH MAN. We should like work on our weight loss together - inspire each other?! YES.
    I love ooo <3